Floriane Misslin
Uni—Sex : Performing Unification
In this play, bodies are dressing and undressing. The clothes are the characters and the bodies enact the similarities and dissimilarities of gendered and genderless archetypes. Menswear and womenswear visualise the balanced partnership male and female are expected to sustain in their respective social roles, while Unisexwear can be represented with such radical equality that still, male and female appear bound to one another.
Performance created for the exhibition #TVClerici by Design Academy Eindhoven in Milan Design Week 2017. Coached by choreographer Edan Gorlicki, performed by Floriane Misslin and Olle Lundin —2017

Film of the full performance by Floriane Misslin, images by Keisuke Fujita, soundscape by Jim Zweerts, performed by Olle Lundin and Floriane Misslin, June 2017.
'Performing Unification' at #TVClerici
Image by Angeline Swinkels
Exhibition #TVClerici by Design Academy Eindhoven, Milan Design Week, April 2017
Image by Angeline Swinkels