Floriane Misslin
Digital Communities
Instagram Distillation
Beyond the vast data of enhanced and manipulated Instagram profiles stands the visualization of the most intimate desires of one, its community, and society at large. Mechanisms of collective identification blend the feed into a uniform visual language. Image distillation clears out the homogeneity and extracts the common essence from the flows of Instagram particles. During this workshop, visual data is dissected and tempt to extract the common values conveyed by the studied communities.
Primarily organised for Le Corbusier High School, France and rethought for Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Netherlands —2017
WORKSHOP at Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 21st of September 2017
Distillation of 21 profiles of Dutch designers and their 42 last posts on that day.

Extraction of images depicting landscapes and natural elements. Extraction of images depicting the creative process. Extraction of images depicting portrait images. WORKSHOP at Le Corbusier high school, France, 10th of May 2017
Distillation of the visual language of three Instagram subcultures #kinfolklife #yogafitgirl and #cityromantics
Observing one by one the Instagram profiles. Notify common interests and values. Select five main subjects that are recurrent in the data and extract all the images depicting it. From each categories isolate subcategories, looking into the different ways the subject is represented. Aside of the images, outline the main visual protocol of each subcategories by sketches or notes.